cat and mouse game

These cats had better exercise a little caution. They're out cruising around the bad side of town looking for trouble, and they're about to find it. These boys think they're about to pick up a little snack for the road, but may have another thing coming. I originally started this one out with the mouse was the one who was in danger, but then decided to turn the tables by adding the sign on the side of the building. Whatever the outcome, I had fun doing it.


moon man

This past week, I had the pleasure of participating in the celebration of the three year anniversary of Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty. It's a blog set up by talented illustrator Aaron Zenz for his kids, Lily (age 6), Grace (age 9), and Isaac (age 10). On their blog, they post illustrations inspired by their favorite books and Illustration Friday topics, among other things.

As a surprise for the kids, to celebrate their three years, Aaron sent out an open invitation for artists to do their versions of his kids' art. The results are lots of fun. I did an illustration for each kid, but this was my favorite of the three. The top drawing was done by Isaac at age 8. The one on the bottom is my version.

Make sure to take a look at their site. This creative bunch turns out some pretty awesome stuff! Aaron is accepting submissions till the end of the month, so there's still time to do one. You might be surprised how inspired you can get from the creativity of a kid. To check out their site, click here.



This week's Illustration Friday word is "impatience" and let's face it, waiting in line for the porta-potty at an outdoor event can really try your patience, especially when there's not enough bathrooms to accommodate the crowd. I thought it would be kind of funny to illustrate this idea using dogs and a hydrant instead. I wanted to do a really long horizontal image to emphasize the amount of dogs waiting, but as I was working on it, I thought it was getting too difficult to see, due to it's length. I cropped the image mid-dog, but believe me, the line goes on forever, and they've been consuming lot's of beer. You'll definitely need to click this image to see it full size.


maine lobster

I was recently asked to design a bookmark that represented the state of Maine. This was a practice run- I decided to take a more humorous approach for the final piece. Since I had this graphic, textural lobster just sitting there on my desktop, I decided to design a poster around it and post it on my blog... after all, I was always taught never to waste, especially something as delicious as a lobster.