jazz set

I recently did a set of hand-pulled silkscreens for a gallery show I had here in Cleveland. One of the themes I worked with was music. I am a huge music fan, so it often shows up in my personal work. The images are approximately 8 X 10, and printed on fine quality cream Rives BFK paper in runs of 20. I love the silkscreening process-you never know exactly how the colors will turn out or exactly how each one will register. These are scans, so the color isn't 100 percent accurate and some of the nuances you get with printmaking doesn't show up. I was very happy with how these turned out and the show was a great success.


stocking up

With the cold weather fast approaching, this little guy's making sure he's prepared. I always find myself stocking up this time of year, too, although sometimes I wish I was more like a bear-I could sleep through the entire winter and wake up well rested and a whole lot thinner.