Okay, so we all know the story-there's a big race, rabbit gets cocky and takes a nap, slow and steady wins the race. But in my story, the turtle passes out, and is sore for days and the rabbit wakes up refreshed and has a whole night of fun ahead of him. the end.



This weeks Illustration Friday topic, "tango" involves gracefully intertwining legs, so I thought it would be fun to do an octopus couple doing this dance.I started out with just the two characters but I was having so much fun, I decided to add a small fish orchestra in the background. With sixteen limbs involved, this tango could end up a tangle...



When I saw the Illustration Friday word was "hollow", I thought of that old blues song "I'd rather drink muddy water, sleep out in a hollow log..." The original plan was to do an old blues raccoon sitting on a log, strumming his guitar and singing that song, but it's been a pretty crazy week for me . Instead, I had to settle on a quick and easy illustration of of a raccoon on a log. Kind of a cop out, i know, but I think I'll get around to doing my original idea fairly soon.


elephant and bull

I did these for a series of graphic animals a few years back-I tried to keep them very simple and flat, but I also wanted to warm them up a little using color and texture. I have a bunch more, but I think I'll just scatter them in once in awhile to keep it interesting (or when I'm too lazy to do anything new)...