This summer, I had the opportunity to make a new friend. Originally from Macau, Neiko Ng is a student at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I met her while she was interning here in Cleveland over the summer. An amazing talent with a wonderfully charming style, Neiko was always making me laugh with her sly sense of humor. She's back in San Fran now starting her last year and I miss her already.

One morning, she saw me doodling during a meeting, and asked me if she could make a copy of a lion I had just scribbled in my sketchbook. The result was this fantastic little cut paper lion she made and gave to me before she left. I've posted it here, along with a few other pieces I snatched from her blog. Make sure you check out her stuff on her blog and website.

Good luck Neiko-I'm sure you will do very well after graduation!



This is a piece I did this for an issue of Today's Parent a few months back but since it fits the Illustration Friday topic nicely, I thought I'd link it up. The article provides tips for talking to your kids about their report cards. I really enjoy illustrating these articles. The art director, Nicole Chung, is such a pleasure to work with, plus I always seem to learn something along the way!