laying an egg

I originally did this as an Easter card but I thought it fit the Illustration Friday topic "pattern", so I just had to put it up. Hope you guys like it.


fall feast

Since my last couple of posts have been kind of dark, involving a devil and a murderous mouse, I decided to lighten things up a bit this time. In these two illustrations, I attempted to capture the feeling of a vintage Little Golden Book that's been stashed away in some attic for thirty or forty years. I used muted colors and old yellowed paper to make them look appropriately aged. I haven't written a story to go with them yet, but I do have an idea rolling around my head. It's about a bunch of woodland animals that get together to welcome the fall season by throwing a big feast. Unfortunately, the bear realizes he has to last all winter with no food and decides to devour all the other animals as well...sorry, I couldn't help myself.


diablo at the grill

This little devil's been sitting in my sketchbook all summer, so I figured I'd whip up a quick color version of him before cookout season is over. I was going to wait till we had super hot weather, but it's been an unseasonably cool summer here in Ohio. Hope everyone has one hell of a labor day weekend-get in those last few cookouts while you can.