halloween stuff

Here's a trio of ghosts and a skinny black cat.

I'm still buried with work so I wasn't able to do any fun new Halloween illustrations like I had hoped. I was able to dig up a couple of old pieces I did a while back, so I figured I'd stick them up. I'll be done with my current project mid November, so hopefully I'll get back to posting some new stuff then. Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!



He may not drive the fastest car, but he sure knows how to groove in it...another one from the archives.


frozen treats

What could be better than sitting on an iceberg sharing a frozen treat with someone you love?

I did this for a greeting card a while back and figured I'd post it since it fits this week's Illustration Friday topic. I'll be swamped with work for the next few weeks so I figure it's a good time to post some older stuff.


cootie pageant

As she took her final sweep down the runway, Sally couldn't help think about her late mother, who entered her in her very first first pageant when she was just a young germ. No stranger to the cutthroat pageant world, Sally felt confident that she had a shot at the title this time. She came so close to the crown last time...if only they hadn't asked her to state her views on germ warfare.