first crush

The second she laid eyes on the new boy, Emily knew it would be hard to stay focused on her schoolwork.

This is a piece I did recently as a bid on a job.



As days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, Carl eventually realized he would probably spend the rest of his life behind bars...

I have at least a half dozen other things I should be working on, but the Illustration Friday word "confined" inspired me to do this instead.


elza soares

I have long been an avid fan of Brazilian music-especially samba. Elza Soares has been a big name in Brasil for more than 40 years. She's got this great husky voice and trademark throaty growl that makes her music very identifiable. In an effort to do an illustration of a musician every now and then, I've decided to start with her-she's got a really interesting look - lots of plastic surgery over the years - with those catlike eyes and giant afro. If you're interested in checking her out, click here.